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RealCube’s advanced CRM solution offers a robust suite of features and modules, catering to every need including sales, marketing, and customer relationships. Manage big data and leads, follow-ups, reminders, offers, and communications giving your business a competitive advantage.

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Functional Overview

Manage the entire customer life cycle in one place
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Customer management

RealCube CRM supports a centralized platform to gather customer inquiries from various channels of your organization and route them to respective departments for quicker response times. Measure and analyze your team's performance using real-time reporting tools to improve customer service standards.

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CRM calendar

An advanced calendar functionality supports a shared calendar feature among all team members with automated notifications on important dates. Plus, send invitations to your customers for online events or sessions.

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Sales automation

A centralized RealCube CRM platform delivers personalized service by gaining a holistic view of your customer’s preferences, purchase history, conversations, feedback, and more from numerous channels. Built with predefined templates, create a catalog, sales order, or quotation effortlessly.

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Marketing automation

Manage all your marketing campaigns in a unified manner to effectively monitor performance, track website traffic, and uncover customer behavior. The platform segregates leads from marketing campaigns and instantly delivers potential leads to the sales team for conversion.

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