Facilities Management Module


Monitoring performance of facility management team, tracking the upkeep and quality of assets, staying updated on the utility consumptions are critical to any properties or communities. With RealCube FM, it has been made easier than ever. RealCubeFM readily provides vital information to staff thereby facilitating better decisions and improving your organization’s bottom line


Workforce Performance Analysis


Asset Management


Job Scheduling


Building Management Systems


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    Team Performance Summary: RealCube connect uses powerful set of reporting tools for real time performance monitoring and provides critical insights via comprehensive summary, graphs, and reports.

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    Schedule Inspection: Preserve the quality and upkeep of your communities and assets by scheduling regular inspections for team members and self. RealCube Connect facilitates setting templates and checklists for every inspection thereby ensuring standard procedure adherence by all staff. Upload images, rating and necessary remarks for every inspection and initiate reactive maintenance task if needed. Undertake stress free inspections with mobile property inspections.

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    Utility Reports: Gain data driven insights and reduce costs from referring utility usage values and comparing with your organization’s budgets

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    Insightful Reporting: Keep your owners and residents informed and happy by communicating with them. Use email and mailing templates to send notifications to owners. Connect with them by sharing announcements, events, and offers in the community.

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    Building Management System: Reduce operational and utility costs with our advanced technology BMS; it integrates all building systems to one centralized system for a unified view and enhanced efficiency. BMS extends asset lifetime by identifying maintenance requirements and forecast equipment condition based on its data, usage, and age. Reactive maintenance expenses are reduced with BMS integration as tasks are automatically triggered and alarms are raised for staff.

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