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How AI is Transforming Property Management

Oct 20,2020

Artificial Intelligence has been adopted by nearly every industry as its revamping business processes. AI has simplified and improved our lives in many ways and without realizing it, we use AI every day. As technol...

Ways to Boost Income Without Increasing Rent

Oct 12,2020

Are you racking your brain to accelerate your income from your properties? With the effect of Covid19 and a hypercompetitive market out there, raising rents is out of the question. Relying on rents alone is a conve...

Tips for Stress Free Move-In, Move-Out

Oct 09,2020

Various tasks are nerve-racking for property managers, one of them is moving in and move out. The day your tenant moves in and/or out can be a hectic and stressful day for both property managers and tenants equally...

5 Ways To Delivering Exceptional Satisfaction To Your Clients

Oct 02,2020

Customer satisfaction has always been pivotal to any business. In today’s hypercompetitive world, adapting to ever evolving customer needs and satisfying them is the key to having your busine...

How to choose the best property management software

Oct 01,2020

Several property or community management companies follow conventional methods of managing their business and few others have invested in software solutions ages ago and continue to use it to this day though they f...

Is Housing Management App Efficient?

Sep 11,2014

Yes, housing management app is efficient to manage your community in a better way as it manages the data of your complex (owners, residents, vendors, staff, vehicles, documents, assets, income, expenses, dues etc.) fr...
Are You Compromising with the Security of Your Community?

Jul 07,2018

The security provided by gated communities is the main reason why most people prefer to move into these communities. However, if we look at the current situation of the security offered by these gated complexes, the s...
Benefits of Community Management Application

Sep 02,2018

Community management application manages complex professionally with processes supported by tools, then being person dependent. It reduces all the efforts being spent to manage the complex and encourages people to com...
Enhance Your Residential Experience with Real Cube App

Jul 27,2018

Real Cube is offered as a hosted solution with zero infrastructure set up by society. It can be used by anyone associated with the residential community. Real Cube has features that offer great value to the owners and...

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