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Looking for a community e-Store solution? Look no further than RealCube. We provide an easy-to-use, feature-rich platform that will help you onboard vendors and manage your online sales while providing your users with enhanced retail enabled lifestyle choices.

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The leading community e-Store solution

Our community e-store software is an essential software for any municipality or community group. It allows residents to buy products and services from the convenience of their homes, while increasing your real estate community revenue and improving resident satisfaction.

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Choose and onboard your preferred suppliers and vendors to create the perfect online shopping experience for your community.


This software offers a wide range of applications and is perfect for communities and cities of all sizes. With our software, you can easily create a custom online store that meets the needs of your community.


Our platform can handle everything from online shopping and service delivery to membership dues and donations.


RealCube has been designed with your needs in mind, and will provide you with a smooth, streamlined shopping experience that you won't find anywhere else.


The real estate sales dashboard provides a quick and easy way to view sales data, and the property management KPI dashboard allows for efficient property management.

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Property Management Dashboard is a comprehensive dashboard designed to help property owners or managers to better manage their assets. The dashboard provides an overview of key metrics from across the entire real estate portfolio in an easy-to-read graphical format. It helps to quickly identify potential issues or opportunities and efficiently plan, manage, and optimize all aspects of property management.

Real estate agents need dashboards and insights to help them make informed decisions about how to best serve their clients. Dashboards can provide an array of valuable metrics such as average listing prices, property sales trends, and market conditions. This information can be used to identify potential opportunities or areas for improvement, allowing agents to hone in on the most profitable deals. With a dashboard, agents can quickly identify areas of focus and development to ensure they are providing the best service possible to their clients.

Real estate sales dashboards typically contain features such as:

  • Data visualization tools – to easily interpret key metrics in a graphical format.
  • Sales pipeline tracking – to monitor progress of deals and the stages of each transaction.
  • Property analysis – including competitive analysis, portfolio performance evaluation, and market trends.
  • Lead management – to quickly and efficiently identify, nurture and convert prospects.
  • Performance metrics – such as average listing price, occupancy rate, or average days on market.
  • Forecasting capabilities – to anticipate future trends and plan accordingly.

These features provide agents with an easy-to-read snapshot of their portfolios and allow them to accurately assess the performance of their investments. With a comprehensive dashboard, agents can identify areas of improvement and take the right decisions.

The benefits of using a real estate dashboard include:

  • Increased efficiency – Dashboards can help streamline the property management process by providing an at-a-glance overview of a portfolio.
  • Improved decision making – By providing visualizations and data, dashboards can help agents make better decisions about their investments.
  • Better customer experience – Dashboards enable agents to respond quickly to customer needs and provide better service overall.
  • Enhanced visibility – Dashboards can provide visibility into trends, market conditions, and portfolio performance.
  • Optimized resource allocation – Dashboards can help agents to identify areas of improvement and allocate resources accordingly.

Using a real estate dashboard helps agents to manage their properties more effectively and efficiently, leading to improved customer service and increased profitability.

When choosing the best property management KPI dashboard, it is important to consider the following:

  • Purpose – What is the main purpose of the dashboard? Is it to monitor property performance, track customer satisfaction or optimize financials?
  • Data sources – What data sources will be used for the dashboard? Do these include external third-party services and internal databases?
  • Metrics – What metrics are most important for monitoring property management KPIs? Common metrics include occupancy rate, average rent per unit, and tenant retention rate.
  • Functionality – What functionality does the dashboard need to have? Does it require forecasting capabilities or lead management tools?
  • User interface – How user-friendly is the dashboard? Is it intuitive and easy to use?

By taking these factors into consideration, agents can select a KPI dashboard that meets their needs and provides the most accurate data to monitor business performance.

RealCube's real estate management dashboard is designed to simplify and streamline the property management process. Our dashboard provides an array of features, such as data visualization tools, sales pipeline tracking, performance metrics, lead management capabilities and forecasting capabilities. We also offer customizable dashboards with intuitive UI/UX design to give agents flexibility in how they view their data. With RealCube, agents can get a comprehensive overview of their portfolio and make suitable decisions based on accurate insights.

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