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Aimed at facilitating a smoother and more efficient way of managing properties, our PM module brings together landlords, tenants and property managers on a single platform and allows them to build deeper and more meaningful connections with each other. In the process, it reduces operational inefficiency and costs associated with costly offline interactions by automating these tasks with quick turnaround times. The web and mobile-based nature of the solution means that you are not bound by time and place to manage your property related needs conveniently and properly.

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Functional Overview

Makes life easy for management, staff and tenants
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Mobilize access

Access data, facilitate requests and resolve violations and issues anywhere anytime from any device.

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Intuitive Dashboard

RealCube facilitates customizable and insightful dashboard with powerful visualizations for an overview into important tasks for quick action and increased efficiency.

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Accounts Management

For Property Managers & For Tenants

Property Managers

Record credit and debit transactions for your properties and manage outstanding dues. Enhance collection method by facilitating online rent payments, service charge, violation penalty payments for your tenants and cut out on the hassle of managing cash, cheques, and manual data entry.


Offer joy and convenience to tenants by providing them option to pay rent online, access to detailed statement of accounts, history of payments etc.

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Lease Management

Handle new and existing tenancy contracts for your properties and set up automatic reminders for contract renewals.

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Seamless Move In/ Move Out Process

With RealCube, stressful process such as move in and out is made foolproof. Every aspect from registering your contract, pre move-in inspection and cleaning, saving move in pictures, reserving service lift, granting access card to move out inspection, clearing pending payments and security deposits is automated and smoothly facilitated.

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Simplified requests

Residents can request for access card, vehicle registration, house help registration, pet registration, view and reserve classes, and amenities with a tap of a finger from their mobile app and community managers can approve and keep track of all the bookings.

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Strengthen Communication

Keep your tenants in loop by communicating and engaging with them throughout. Connect with them through announcements, discussions, events and offers associated with the property. Keep your residents reminded of their rent due date, maintenance policy, contract renewal and termination through our digitized platform. Community managers can also connect with residents via email for any notifications or reminders.

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Empowering Tenants Wellbeing

Promote community welfare by empowering them to interact and socialize through RealCube platform. Spur engagements and community spirit within tenants by initiating discussions, enabling a stage to sell, or rent their possessions, encouraging socializing activities.

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Gain understanding on resident's satisfaction levels, their needs, desires, and areas of improvements with surveys, consequently, take informed decisions to enhance your property into a desirable one.

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Powerful Reporting

Easily filter and download reports on all information required even while managing vast data of numerous properties.

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Quicker response time for Requests

RealCube enables you to manage all service requests and issues through a single platform thereby facilitating faster response time. Residents can effortlessly raise requests for maintenance or issues from their mobile app without waiting on a phone call or appointment. Every request is assigned with SLA policies to ensure speedy resolution based on priorities thereby enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.

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Ensure a harmonious and well-kept community by tracking any violations and recording them to respective units along with warnings or penalties.

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Document Management

Avoid the hassles of paperwork and accelerate your administrative processes by storing and retrieving all documents and information related to owners and tenants in the platform. Expedite procedures by creating online contracts, collecting e-signature from tenants on lease/contracts, sent reminders to them for contract expiry or termination. Spend less time on these routine tasks with RealCube allowing you to focus on core functional areas.

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Email Templates

Property Managers can save time by creating Email templates of frequent communications to residents for faster communication.

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Seamlessly manage all activities on a central place and view them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with our Calendar feature. Create property events and keep your occupants notified of all upcoming activities and receive RSVPs through RealCube digital calendar.

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