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Built around the functional requirements of property owners, tenants, and community managers, our community management platform offers a fully integrated suite of services that will address all your needs conveniently and easily. It is available both as a web-based platform as well as a mobile application to help you navigate all the tasks of looking after your community-related needs, wherever and whenever. From a functional perspective, the module offers owners and related stakeholders the ability to digitize, automate and manage all their community-related activities quickly and conveniently.

Community Management Software Dashboard
Automated Rent Collection

rent collection

Engage and retain residents

Engage & retain

Track Property Maintenance Requests

Track maintenance
requests & work orders

Effective Collaboration

Effective collaboration among team members

Deliver Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

Deliver outstanding customer satisfaction

Functional Overview

With many rich & powerful features, it is yours to shape & use as you choose
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Multiple Community/Units Management

Flawlessly manage all operations and activities of multiple communities in a single place.

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Statement of Accounts & Payment Simplified

For Residents & For Community Managers

For Residents

RealCube offers the most convenient process for your residents to settle their dues easily through mobile app and receive receipts, view payment history and statements of accounts.

For Community Managers

It can help avoid the inconvenience of paperwork with RealCubeā€™s automated process and stay ahead on all collections.

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Occupancy Rate

RealCube gives you the power to arrive at smarter decisions with data-driven insights and streamline your real estate community management for greater efficiency. With RealCube, you can turn complex data into actionable information, so you can manage and optimize your community occupancy rates.

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Efficient Service Request Management

Deliver best customer service and ease employee stress by automating service requests applications enabling timely tracking of requests and reducing response time. Reduce phone calls and emails from customers by liberating them with the self-serve option where they can create and track progress on every service or maintenance request anytime, anywhere. Manage and automate the booking of classes, amenities, and storage facilities and facilitate members to reserve from their devices at ease.

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Reinforced Communication

Keep your owners and residents informed and happy by communicating with them. Use email and mailing templates to send notifications to owners. Connect with them by sharing announcements, events, and offers in the community.

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Community Chat Wall

Provide your community a digital space where they can collaborate, discuss various topics and stay social. A better-connected community assures more retention.

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Access Control and Visitor Management

Reinforce security for your residents by providing them the liberty to screen and issue digital passes to their guests and vendors.

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Document Management

Efficiently record and manage all information regarding users and their respective units with images or documents on the portal and access whenever required. Be notified for document/contract expiration.

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Effective Incident Reporting

RealCube streamlines time-sensitive incident reports. Incidents can be reported instantly on the mobile app with necessary information such as photos, comments, and status and notify the involved parties with the inclusion of warnings or penalties.

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Extensive reporting

Extracting reports from every complex data into simple spreadsheet reports and deriving insightful information to support strategic decision-making is made possible with RealCube.

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Measure the delivery time of requests with SLA to ensure efficient staff productivity and superior customer satisfaction. In case the set response time is surpassed, an automatic escalation can be initiated.

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With ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft, government real estate regulatory authority, courier companies, and payment gateways.

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