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Sep 29, 2021
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The security provided by gated communities is the main reason why most people prefer to move into these communities. However, if we look at the current situation of the security offered by these gated complexes, the scene is pretty much like this:

"The main gate of a community is out rightly the most chaotic and the busiest section. Apart from the residents, there is house-help staff, maintenance staff, service providers and guests who walk in and out of the community on a daily basis. With the boom of e-commerce, there is a huge influx of delivery boys and cabs that add to the existing number of footfalls in a society."

While it is true that gated communities and residential apartments are associated with lower crime rates as compared to non-gated areas, lower crime rates however, doesn't mean absolute safety. There have been numerous reports of crimes occurring inside gated communities and apartment buildings where criminals have managed to manipulate security measures.

Every Gated community is unique, and its local dynamics also vary widely. Many complexes are premium and offer high security, which is a distinctive selling point and security is a priority; and while some of them may offer a variety of benefits inside the gated walls but they could be surrounded by more crime prone neighborhoods. Similarly, some others may be enjoying civic benefits as a result of their unique location. No matter the above factors, every gated community must have a basic security protocol in place - having paper-pen registration and a guard or two manning the main entrance and exit point is outdated and not enough.

What are the main security issues in a gated community and how can landlords and property managers provide their residents with the best safety measures?

First, let us look at some of the challenges faced by the security and its impact to the communities:

  • No Visitor Records: Gated apartment complexes typically install hardware such as CCTV cameras, alarms, or electronic surveillance systems as the only methods of security. The trouble is, these are prone to breakdowns and need to be serviced regularly. Despite their advantages, these systems can be easily manipulated and tampered with. Furthermore, they are unable to keep detailed information or track of individual visitors that enter and exit the premises.
  • Lack Of Communication Between Security Staff And Residents: It is most imperative to have free flowing conversation between residents, security staff, property managers and landlords to maintain the safety of everyone living within the community. Most often, it is only the security team and staff who are aware of the security procedures at a gated community. Even though residents are the first to be in a potentially threatening situation, they never know who to contact when an emergency occurs.
  • Unsecured Access Points: One of the biggest threats gated communities face is unsecured access points. Uninvited visitors can wreak havoc on a property. It is possible for them to commit crimes such as theft, break-ins, loitering, assaults and vandalism that can cost money and emotionally traumatize residents. There is no guarantee that gated communities are immune to this kind of attack, even the most sophisticated ones.

So, how can landlords and property managers maintain the safety of their residents? The answer is RealCube.

In this era of emerging technologies, CCTVs or other electronic devices alone don’t make the cut when it comes to security measures at a gated community. A robust visitor management system is a must! It helps landlords and property managers achieve their security goals at minimal cost. In seconds, it can authenticate any person or vehicle, as well as capture attendance and timesheets for visitors and staff while helping other regular visitors that frequent the community.  

Following are the ways in which the RealCube community management module can help curb the security issues in a gated community:

  • Digital Passes:
    High traffic makes it difficult for security guards to keep an eye on visitor activity and manage it efficiently. As a result, they are faced with the task of making numerous intercom calls related to the verification of visitors and access approvals. A feature rich platform like RealCube can uncomplicate this cumbersome process, with the use of smart communications between the security staff and residents. Security guards can now issue digital passes for all approved visitors by residents and give them access to the community. This also ensures that the security staff can focus more on their core job which is to manage the security of the community.
  • No overstays:
    Residents of a gated communities have a number of people visiting at odd hours, from food and package delivery to cabs and other people like plumbers, house help etc. To ensure that no one overstays their welcome in the community where children are playing without adult supervision and everyone wants to feel safe, the RealCube community management system can send alerts and notifications to residents.
  • Constant communication:
    The community chat wall on the RealCube app helps residents and security staff stay connected and ensure nothing goes unnoticed. It also helps the community stay connected by posting about important issues and concerns within the community.

Provide residents with the security and convenience they deserve with RealCube.

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