Are your Property Owners Satisfied?

Dec 02, 2020
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Since Property Management comes with a huge multitude of tasks, owners might think of hiring a property management company to handle this burden so that they can focus on managing core business functions.

At times however, it might not be smooth sailing and tensions may arise between owners and the property management team when expectations are not met. This may cause owners to end up rethinking about the need to hire a property management team.

Thus, for a property management company, winning new clients is only half the battle won. Focusing on building a strong relationship with the owner and keeping them happy is of equal if not of more importance to their business.

Here are four ways property managers can strengthen bonds with their clients:

  • Maintenance Issues: Maintenance is always an issue that tenants most often have a problem with it while the property management team finds it frequently troublesome to address it effectively. If this issue remains unresolved it can cause friction between owners and property managers. It can however also turn out to be a great chance to demonstrate their customer service skills, professionalism and expertise, thus changing adversity to opportunity. Best in the class property management firms will always partner with tenured facility management service providers with pedigree to address this issue. Additionally, they invest in advanced software to manage all maintenance issues quickly and efficiently by getting it resolved within mandated guidelines while reducing turn-around times.

  • Communication is Key: Communicating with owners constantly and effectively is crucial for maintaining a good relationship with them. Some owners especially want to be notified of even the tiniest details. For a property management company that might be handling various projects, it might always become bit of a chore to keep everyone informed, resulting client dissatisfaction. In today’s digital enabled world solutions like RealCube are perfectly suited to overcome this problem with mobile friendly portals for owners to enable easy, real-time communication. Through such solutions, property managers can effortlessly communicate all information via personal messages, emails, announcements, events etc. It can also provide features like allowing owners to access payment statements and documents. It significantly reduces phone calls enabling property management staff to concentrate on other duties without missing out on necessary communications.

  • Routine Inspections: To ensure property is well maintained and to prevent small repairs from escalating, regular inspections must be carried out. Handling various properties, conducting inspections and monitoring the effectiveness of inspections carried out by the staffs assigned, can be laborious and time consuming. If not done properly, this could lead to serious issues and erode client confidence in the property management firm. Solutions like RealCube have automated the entire inspection process through digital solutions where property management staff can schedule inspections for staff and effortlessly manage them remotely. It also allows for uploading images and comments enabling greater clarity in addressing onsite issues. This ensures timely inspections that prevent maintenance and service issues from becoming unmanageable.

  • Necessary Reports: Real-time reporting provides a transparent and accurate insight about the financial health of properties to their owners. Such features allow owners to trust their property managers more, while providing them with invaluable information that can be used to maximize the revenue generation potential of their properties. RealCube provides accurate and detailed reports on all aspects of property management thereby making it easy for the property management staff to generate reports whenever required.

There are various types of clients/owners and understanding them and nurturing a good relationship with them is the key to a long-lasting successful partnership. If owners can trust property managers to efficiently manage their properties, they will be loyal business advocates which in turn can help you attract more owners. By providing them with convenient and easy-to-use real estate software solutions to manage their properties, property managers can create an irresistible proposition for clients to partner with them.

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