The benefits of RealCube's Smart Waste Management for property managers and developers

Feb 14, 2023
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Are you looking for an effective and sustainable approach to waste management that can improve the efficiency of your organization? Making smart choices around your organization's waste management systems is essential, both financially and environmentally. As a property manager, you need to prioritize cost-effective methods that are also in line with sustainability efforts. RealCube's solution provides control and oversight into waste processes while ensuring compliance with current regulations. This post will discuss how improved knowledge and analytics can help you make smarter decisions around managing your business’s resources more efficiently. 

The burden of inefficient waste collection

Currently, waste collection systems are in most cases outdated and result in increased carbon footprint, time & cost, environmental pollution and pick-ups that are unnecessary or on the contrary – long overdue. Unnecessary pickups result in 70 percent higher annual collection costs. When routes are planned inefficiently, congestion is created and more fuel is required to complete the collection. Overall, this contributes to a 50 percent higher carbon footprint. This is why it’s important to move towards a smarter solution.  


Definition of Smart Waste Management Solution

Smart Waste Management Solutions (SWMS) help to create a more efficient and cost-effective waste management system, while achieving minimal environmental impact. It also helps to reduce waste collection times and help keep communities clean while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. The use of wireless ultrasonic sensors, data-driven decision making, improved routes and optimized frequency of pick-up are just some of the ways that SWMS can improve overall efficiency.  

RealCube's solution

Using IoT, RealCube’s smart waste management solution enables cities and communities to manage their waste efficiently, be more environmentally responsible by reducing their carbon footprint and improve the well-being of people. The advantages of smart dustbin solutions combine unique ultrasonic Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real time with sophisticated software providing cities, communities, and businesses with digital transformation, data-driven decision-making, effective waste management in the community, and optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle loads.

Overview of the technology: Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors

RealCube uses wireless Ultra-sonic Sensors to monitor waste levels in real-time with an accuracy of up to 97 percent. This technology helps minimize human effort by automatically transferring the data over a secure network, thus allowing sanitation service workers to plan their routes more efficiently and make sure they are organized and optimized.  

Benefits of Smart Waste Management

  • Cleaner and safer environments for smart cities
    Promoting a cleaner and safer environment for smart cities is a key factor in improving the quality of life for citizens. RealCube’s Smart Waste Management Solution helps by reducing waste collection times and helping to keep communities clean while reducing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted. Moreover, Smart Waste Management Solutions provide control and oversight into waste processes while ensuring compliance with current regulations. 

  • Optimal utilization of garbage trucks
    RealCube’s Smart Waste Management Solution enables garbage trucks to be used where they are most needed, saving time and money. This solution helps reduce the number of unnecessary pickups by optimizing their routes and ensuring that collection is not delayed due to traffic congestion or insufficient data. The use of wirelessly connected ultrasonic sensors also allows for more accurate measuring of waste levels, allowing garbage trucks to collect only when necessary.

  • Lower emissions from reduced number of wasted trips 
    Smart Waste Management Solutions can lower carbon emissions by reducing the number of wasted trips and unnecessary collection. With RealCube’s solution, garbage trucks are optimized to collect only when necessary. This reduces fuel consumption, resulting in a lower carbon footprint and cost savings for municipalities. Moreover, with improved route analysis, this results in less traffic congestion and pollution.

  • Improved efficiency for property managers and developers
    RealCube’s Smart Waste Management solution provides improved efficiency through digital transformation and data-driven decision making. By using wireless ultrasonic sensors in combination with sophisticated software, municipalities can plan their collection routes more efficiently, optimize frequencies for pickups, ensure compliance with regulations, and measure waste levels accurately. This allows cities to find cost effective solutions for waste management while improving the quality of life in their communities.  

RealCube's Smart Waste Management solution has the capacity to provide cities and communities with a cost-effective way to improve their waste management processes and reduce their carbon footprint. This solution combines wireless ultrasonic sensors and sophisticated software, allowing efficient route planning, optimizing frequencies for pickups, and measuring waste levels accurately. It helps reduce the number of unnecessary trips and emissions while promoting a cleaner and safer environment for citizens.

Smart waste management solutions are the most efficient and effective way to collect and dispose waste. With RealCube real estate management solutions, property managers, developers, and sanitation services can enjoy improved efficiency, cleaner environments, optimal utilization of garbage trucks and much lower emissions from fewer wasted trips.

The future of smart waste management is bright and RealCube is already at the forefront of this innovation. Our goal is to provide an intelligent infrastructure for modern cities looking to keep their citizens safe and cities green by helping reduce pollution through smarter waste solutions. If you're interested in learning more about how RealCube technology can help make your city smarter
contact us today. We look forward to tackling new challenges together with our customers towards a smarter future!

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