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Sep 08, 2021
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There isn’t an up-to-date, universal definition of residential experience but there is a range of services and functions that have traditionally been seen as a part of enhancing residential experience in a housing society/property.  

Rental property ownership and profiting from it involve many labor-intensive and expensive tasks, such as preparing the property for rent, advertising the vacancy, showing the property, maintenance, screening tenants, rent collection, etc. 

How can a landlord/property manager make all these tasks easier while also keeping the residents of their properties happy? With Realcube! 

RealCube is offered as a hosted solution with zero infrastructure set up requirements. It can be used by anyone associated with the residential community. RealCube has features that offer great value to the owners, tenants and the team maintaining the complex (managing communities, taking service requests on behalf of owners and tenants, vendor management and much more, all at your fingertips).  

The RealCube application is designed keeping in mind the hard work required with doing paperwork and replacing it and maintaining all the information digitally in a hassle-free manner. The application can be used by owners, tenants and board members of the community as well. 

Here are some of the features RealCube provides to enhance the residential experience of your properties:  

  • Payments simplified: Residents can quickly settle their dues with the RealCube mobile app, view payment history, receive receipts, and receive statements of accounts. Payments made online are safe and eliminate the risk of fraud associated with cash or checks. Cloud-based online rent payment options protect consumer data and are a convenient way for residents and landlords/property managers to save time and money. 

  • Service Request Management: Streamline service request applications so that they can be tracked in real-time and responses can be shortened. Customers can submit maintenance requests and track progress from anywhere via the self-serve option, thus reducing the need to call and email their landlords/property managers regarding their requests.  
    The system also facilitates members to book amenities, and storage facilities easily from their devices and allows them to manage and automate the booking process. 

  • Strengthened Communication: The RealCube app keeps both owners and residents informed and happy by enabling regular communication between the two. Utilize email templates to send out notifications to residents and to connect with them by sharing community events, announcements and offers. 

  • Community Chat Wall: Having a chat wall provides members of a community with a place to collaborate, participate in discussions, and stay social. More retention is assured with a better-connected community. 

RealCube is the perfect real estate software solution to keep your residents happy and provide them with world-class experiences!

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