How to choose the best property management software?

Oct 01, 2020
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Several property or community management companies follow conventional methods of managing their business and few others have invested in software solutions ages ago and continue to use them to this day though they fail to meet evolving business requirements. In this current market of hyper-competition and dynamic customer needs, the switch from conventional methods is indispensable as they fail to demonstrate efficient and seamless property management and sustain customer satisfaction.

Property or community management job comprises handling several assortments of properties together with extensive documentation and managing team members, facilitating requests, carrying out inspections could get challenging, frustrating, and hectic resulting in inefficiency, chaos, and irate customers.

Implementing the right property management system will enable your organization to operate on innovative business practices and help streamline all operations of your business, focus on core areas and grow your business, improve the productivity of staff, and enrich customer satisfaction. With the right software, even the rudimentary business aspects can be supervised and tracked at ease facilitating your company to gain a competitive advantage and delivering outstanding customer satisfaction at every front.

There are plenty of software for property management these days and selecting the best one can be tedious and distressing.

These factors can ease your decision in choosing the best property management software for your company:

1) Identify the needs of your organization: Before choosing a solution, contemplate the challenges faced at your organization and whether the property management software can help address these concerns. Ascertaining your requirements from a property management solution is the elementary yet most crucial step. Identify if you need effective communication and connectivity among all stakeholders, or you want to streamline all your maintenance tasks and reduce response time, or you want to manage your accounts, or automate payments tasks, or facilitate the smooth move in move out for your tenants. These solutions would have various features for effective operations; however, you are the one to decide if you need them all or only certain aspects of it. Also, determine if it meets all your country's regulatory compliance.

2) Data Migration and Integration: Another important feature to consider is the ability of the solution to integrate well with your existing systems and efficiency of data migration. By finding a solution that will fuse well with your current systems and enable faster data migration will save time and improve business processes. Determine if the solution is easy to implement and use and provides a comfortable user experience.

3) Cloud-Based Systems: With Cloud-based systems, you can store all data and information on the cloud enabling you and your staff to access them from anywhere, anytime. Contrary to traditional methods where data is stored on-premise, you can access data, properties, reports, respond to maintenance tasks, and facilitate requests from any device irrespective of your location. Cloud-based systems save cost and time, are secure and scalable, provide real-time data and comprehensive reports, enhance staff productivity and customer satisfaction, and increases business efficiency.

4) Pricing: Analyze and understand the different pricing plans, whether the payment has to be monthly or annually if there would be charges for add-on features or for training and support. Would there be any cancellation charges for terminating the contract or are there any hidden charges etc.? Different solutions offer different prices and packages but ensure to prioritize the effective solution for your concerns rather than the price. A sound investment to elevate your business can produce huge returns.

5) Reporting: A good property management software should be able to generate insightful reports instantaneously. These reports can save a lot of time and money for property management professionals to make informed decisions on their crucial business aspects and heighten customer happiness. RealCube property and community management software provide comprehensive reports on payments, finances, tenants, properties, facilities management team, and intuitive dashboards for property management staff to stay on top of core business elements and be notified of tasks without them falling through the cracks.

6) Privacy and Security: Advanced and best software platforms provide privacy and data security. All your data and organization details will be safe and secure in RealCube platform.

An easy to use, affordable yet integrated real estate software solution like RealCube helps to manage their properties or communities effectively, manage all information and requests of tenants, preserve the property assets, oversee the performance of the facility management team, record, track and manage all financial aspects, manage client records, tap sales and run targeted marketing campaigns all in one place. RealCube will streamline and automate all complicated tasks reducing the stress of staff, increase customer service and facilitating faster response time for customers helping your business grow.

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