Revolutionizing Property Access: Introducing iKES by RealCube

Mar 31, 2023
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RealCube is excited to announce a ground-breaking feature that will change the way owners and tenants access their properties. Coming in the latter half of 2023, we're introducing the Integrated Keyless Entry System (iKES), a seamless combination of digital lock hardware and software that integrates with the RealCube property and community management platform. This innovative technology simplifies property access, enhancing security and convenience for homeowners, tenants, and property management companies alike.  

What is iKES?   

iKES is an innovative integrated keyless entry system that combines both hardware and software components to enable seamless keyless entry for residential properties. The system features a digital lock and an app that connects to the RealCube property and community management platform. Users can manage access to their properties through the app, granting entry to guests, maintenance professionals, or service providers by generating unique, time-sensitive access codes. 

How iKES works to enable keyless entry 

To use iKES, property owners and tenants download the RealCube app and pair it with their iKES-enabled digital lock. Once paired, users can create and share access codes, monitor entry and exit logs, and manage access permissions directly from the app. This smart locking system provides enhanced security and convenience compared to traditional key-based entry systems. 

Keyless entry for property managers and multifamily properties 

iKES is an ideal solution for property managers and multifamily properties, simplifying access management and enhancing tenant satisfaction. For existing RealCube users, iKES is an excellent add-on that enhances the functionality of the property and community management platform. Its seamless integration with the RealCube property and community management platform makes it the best smart lock for rental properties. 

Benefits of iKES for property management companies 

By adopting the iKES system, property management companies can:  

  • Grant and revoke access to properties remotely, eliminating the need to manage physical keys. 
  • Monitor access logs to track property entry and exit, providing an added layer of security and accountability. 
  • Easily coordinate access for maintenance, inspections, or showings, ensuring smooth property management operations. 
  • Improve tenant satisfaction by offering a secure, convenient, and modern access solution.  

Integrated smart locking systems such as RealCube's iKES offer considerable advantages that enhance the property access experience. These systems deliver added value by providing homeowners, tenants, and property managers with a safe, secure and convenient solution for managing home access. By streamlining access management and integrating seamlessly with property management platforms, keyless entry systems like iKES are transforming the way people interact with their living spaces and elevating the standard of modern living. 

RealCube's iKES system is transforming the property access experience for homeowners, tenants, and property management companies. With its innovative combination of hardware and software, iKES is unlocking the potential of smart homes and leading the way in intelligent living. Experience the benefits of keyless entry systems with RealCube's iKES and embrace the convenience and security of integrated keyless entry today. 

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