Is Your Property Management App Efficient?

Sep 01, 2021
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Your job as a property manager is demanding. In addition to advertising vacancies, managing accounts, overseeing leases, operating within a budget, processing legal documents and rent, and maintaining a physical office, you have to do a lot of other things. 

While juggling those responsibilities is no easy task, you can make it easier by using the right tools. You can easily automate key processes and streamline operations with a property management software program. 

But first, what is a property management software?

To put it simply, property management software is an application designed to help landlords and property managers manage their rental properties, tenants, owners, financials, and accounting. Automating manual processes, saving time, and increasing productivity are just some of the benefits of an innovative property management software, while accommodating the accounting, finance and management needs of commercial and residential property managers. 

Now, to come to the second question. Is your property management application efficient? 

When considering investing in a property management software, the right one can make your life easier, here are four things to consider:  

  • Easy-to-use Technology: 
    Let’s face it, nobody wants to go through a manual to learn how to use a new application. An easy-to-use application is imperative, especially in the real estate domain where a landlord or property manager has to deal with multiple people and multiple communities. A simple, user-friendly software makes things easier for both the landlord’s side and the resident’s side of the business.
    A cloud-based software is the best solution, it gives you the power to save and access information about any of your properties all on one platform that is intuitive, functional and completely customizable.

  • Accounting Driven: 
    A good property management software allows for visibility into your profitability, which is extremely important. Being able to manage all tenant accounting transactions, applying rent, tracking delinquencies and assessing late fees on a single platform makes it easy for landlords and property managers to connect and access information smoothly and stay on top of the market.

  • Automated Notifications: 
    Healthy tenant-landlord relationships are built on effective communication. An excellent property management software makes this very easy. All rental reminders, notification of missing documents, late fees, and lease expiration are sent automatically without you having to do the mundane work. You can easily send an email, text, or notification through the app if you need to tell your tenants about any maintenance work or a community announcement. The best part? These notifications can be tracked, which is extremely useful.

  • Maintenance Tracking: 
    It can be a real hassle to maintain a property. Property management software solves this problem as it always includes a maintenance portal.  
    For maintenance issues, tenants can submit descriptions, pictures, videos, and any other necessary information. The information is stored in the software for the landlord to review at any time. The software will notify the landlord rather than the tenant, either by email or directly via phone through the software - all personal information remains secure.  

With the right online property management software, you can manage your rentals more efficiently with at-a-glance metrics which can help automate and scale your business with ease. 

RealCube is a cloud-based solution that leverages the power of digital to provide a practical, customizable, and completely functional solution to the real estate industry. It offers field-proven modules like: property management, facilities management, finance management, CRM, eStore and community management.

These best-in-class features through advanced cloud and digital infrastructure, connect all the end users in one integrated digital ecosystem and make managing a property much more efficient and stress-free. Take control of every aspect of your real estate business with RealCube.

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