5 Advantages of Mobile Facility Management Software Solutions

Feb 13, 2022
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The maintenance of a property is a complex and challenging task. There are many elements to consider – from the physical building and its systems, to the people who work there, the residents and visitors. It can be difficult to keep on top of it all, which is why real estate facility and maintenance management software solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Such software can provide a number of key advantages, including increased efficiency and productivity, improved communication and collaboration, enhanced customer service, reduced costs and improved ROI, and greater sustainability. 

  • Increased efficiency and productivity 
    Implementing real estate facility management software leads to increased efficiency and productivity, as staff are able to work more efficiently and meet deadlines. 
    In a study by the Aberdeen Group, it was found that organizations that use maintenance management software solutions have maintenance costs that are 12% lower than those who don’t.
    This is largely due to the fact that such software makes it easier to schedule and manage maintenance tasks, ensuring that they are carried out in a timely and efficient manner. This is especially true of maintenance management software solutions that can be accessed and updated via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Improved communication and collaboration 
    Team members can easily communicate with each other through their preferred mobile device, sharing documents, ideas, and feedback, and collaborating on maintenance tasks on the go.
    In addition, mobile maintenance management software solutions allow teams to coordinate maintenance activities with other departments in the company, as well as maintenance contractors and service providers. 
    This helps to ensure that maintenance tasks are carried out in the most efficient way possible, reducing maintenance and repair costs and improving the overall efficiency of the organization. 
  • Enhanced customer service 
    A well-maintained property can create a positive impression on residents, and can help to attract new businesses. 
    Through accessible, mobile maintenance management software solutions, real estate and facility management enterprises are able to provide their residents and customers with real-time updates on the status of their maintenance requests, ask for their opinion and allow them to take control of their service requests. 
    This helps to improve customer satisfaction and create a better overall community opinion, increase retention and attract new leads. 
  • Reduced costs and improved ROI 
    Maintenance management software solutions can help to reduce maintenance costs by streamlining the maintenance process and making it more efficient. 
    In addition, such software often includes maintenance scheduling, which helps to ensure that maintenance tasks are carried out at the right time and in the most cost-effective way possible. 
    With real-time utility usage monitoring, facility management software applications enable the timely management of maintenance operations, capital projects and energy-efficiency retrofits to minimize potential interruptions to facility services. 
    This can lead to a reduced maintenance budget and improved ROI for the organization. 
  • Greater sustainability 
    Through the use of maintenance management software solutions, facility management businesses can become more sustainable by reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Real estate assets' lifetime is optimized by appropriate maintenance, which is facilitated by maintenance management software. 
    In addition, such software can help to improve recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste produced in the community. 
    This can lead to significant energy and cost savings for the organization and contribute to the environment and community at large.

In conclusion, maintenance management software solutions offer a number of key advantages, including increased efficiency and productivity, improved communication and collaboration, enhanced customer service, reduced costs and improved ROI, and greater sustainability.  

Implemented by some of the largest property and facility management enterprises in the UAE, RealCube offers a feature-rich maintenance management software solution that can help your organization to achieve these benefits.  

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