Tips for Stress Free Move-In, Move-Out


Various tasks are nerve-racking for property managers, one of them is moving in and move out. The day your tenant moves in and/or out can be a hectic and stressful day for both property managers and tenants equally. Tensions between tenants and owners/property managers usually crop up during this process.

With an efficient property management solution, streamlined operations strengthened communication, standardized procedures; move in and move out can be a breeze for all involved.

Here are a few steps that will help move in and move out process be as smooth as possible:

  1. Having effective communication with tenants and keeping them informed on all vital details regarding move-in move-out processes will avoid confusion and chaos on the day. Providing them with a checklist or listing frequently asked queries on the portal can help them prepare well. Inform them of the notice period before moving out, having an ample notice period can help both parties prepare well.
  2. Emphasize to your tenants to review the move in and move out inspection procedures, inventory lists, and reports so that there are no surprises at assessing times.
  3. Get the move-in date and time from tenants to secure the service lift for their seamless shifting.
  4. Make the best first impression by leaving tenants a warm welcome kit with guidelines on the property and unit, a map to the nearest groceries, hospital, public transportation, etc., and some freebies.
  5. Conduct a detailed walkthrough of the unit with the tenant during move-in, record images of any issues in the portal for you and your tenants later access, get their signature and set clear expectations on your requirements of the conditions, maintenance, and charges of the property so that you can cut out on the stress at the end of a tenancy.
  6. During moveout, schedule the inspection along with the tenant, take images of any repairs, document them, and obtain signatures to avoid any misunderstandings later. Let your tenants know the period to refund their security deposit and the computation process for any charges involved. Check with your tenants at their preferred address for sending the security deposit refund.
  7. Remind them to change their mailing address and cancel any auto payments they have set for rents, utilities, etc. and provide them a thank you note and gift.

Your property and the amenities and facilities in it might be incredible, your tenant could have a wonderful tenure there. However, the first and last impression makes the whole difference. Making your tenants feel welcomed and content from the beginning until the end can have a lasting impression on them and enhance your reputation and word to word marketing. RealCube Estate automates the entire move-in, move-out procedure, and communicates easily the necessary to all relevant personnel to ensure all are on the same page and are aware of their tasks for the day. All information regarding the unit and the tenants can be viewed from the portal. Inspections can be scheduled on the portal, images can be recorded and saved for later access. Property managers are alerted on the number of move-in and move-out scheduled on their portal dashboard enabling them to take quick measures and checks. Security deposit amounts can be transferred through our payment gateways. With this system, move-in and move-out would be hassle-free, streamlined, and swift

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