Top 5 Rental Property Investment Tips

Apr 23, 2021
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Investment properties are often an exciting venture to dip one's toes in as they can be very rewarding if the right choices are made. Most people look for residential rental properties to boost their investments but, keeping income and benefits aside, real estate is a tricky domain.

There are a few questions that run through the mind of a first-time landlord like, how to recognize a good rental property, how to steer clear from a bad rental property, the neighborhood, property rates, etc. It is important to be well-versed with the pros and cons of the real-estate world.

Here are five things to consider before investing in a rental property:  

  • Choosing a property: Before beginning to go deep into the investment world, one must know the kind of property one wants to buy. For beginners, the best kind of investment property is a single-family dwelling. These kinds of properties attract long-term tenants. 

  • Property Tax Rates: Property Tax usually varies in different areas. To get a better understanding of these rates you can contact the municipality assessment office or talk to homeowners in the community. It is always good to be aware of how much you will be losing. While high property taxes are a good thing in a good neighborhood that attracts long-term tenants, they can also turn out to be bad if they are in a not-so-great one.  

  • Neighborhood: The kind of place you invest in also accounts for the kind of tenants you will attract to your property. Make sure that the following few things are met in the neighborhood before investing in a property:

  • Job Market: Areas with growing employment opportunities attract more tenants. If there is a major company in the locality, employees are bound to search for a good place around their work.

  • Schools/Universities: Most tenants are usually single-families or students in universities. Always keep into consideration the kind of schools that are in the locality, having a good school/university in the locality affects the value of your investment.

  • Crime rate: Be rest assured that a locality with a high crime rate is not a place anyone wants to live in. Before investing in a property, check for rates of petty crimes, vandalism and if crime rates are on a high or are declining?

  • Amenities: Make sure there are a good number of gyms, parks, restaurants, public transport, and all other perks that attract a tenant. Having such things near the property ensures the tenant to be happy and satisfied with their living situation.  

  • Future Developments: It is imperative to know the kind of developments that will take place around the property you wish to buy. The local planning department will have information regarding the projects that are already undertaken for the area. It is always good to buy property in a developing area as this affects rent price, property tax, tenants, etc.  

  • Natural Disasters: If an area is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes or flooding, insurance costs can eat/burn away your rental income. Insurance is also another thing you will need to subtract from your returns so you will need to know how much it is going to cost you.

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