Transitioning to Connected Communities: A Guide for Property Managers - Part 3

Mar 02, 2022
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Communication and technology tools for a connected community

Earlier we talked about the basics of digital property management and transitioning from traditional to digital community management and shared our roadmap for a successful transition . In this installment, we are here to shed some light on the best communication and technology tools for a connected community.

Communication is an important aspect of creating a connected community. Property managers need to use the right tools to ensure that communications are effective and efficient. Here are some tips for improving communication in digital communities:

- Use a messaging app or chat software to send real-time messages to residents. This is a great way to quickly and easily send out important updates or emergency alerts.

- Create an online forum or discussion board for residents to discuss community issues and ideas. Community boards can be a useful tool to get valuable insights from residents and make decisions that best suit the community.

- Use a digital newsletter to keep residents up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the community. Newsletters are a great tool for community updates, events calendars, neighbourhood news, resident spotlights, and more.

- Hold online meetings and video chats to allow residents to connect with each other and the property manager. Property managers can hold property or HOA meetings, classes, and workshops.

- Enable incident reporting for residents and provide maintenance updates. This would help residents stay informed about issues in the community and get updates on maintenance and repairs.

With the transition to digital property management, property and community managers can not only improve communications in the community but also increase their productivity and operational efficiency. In addition, digital communities are more efficient and cost-effective to manage.

There are many different property technology tools that can be used to create a connected community. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Asset management and maintenance reporting tools. This type of tool allows property managers to keep track of all the assets in the community and schedule repairs and maintenance.

- Document storage, archiving, and management tools. These property technology platforms allow property managers to store, access and manage all community documents from one central location. This can help reduce the amount of paper documentation and improve productivity.

- Finance and online payment platforms. Property managers can use these property technology tools to track community finances and manage property-related payments. This can help reduce the amount of time spent on property management tasks and improve operational efficiency.

- Event calendars. These tools can be used to schedule events, important meetings, and other community activities.

Property management platforms. Property managers can use them to manage property operations, communicate with residents, and improve efficiency. They are the most complex and integrated tool that empowers property managers to manage property operations, communicate with residents, and improve efficiency.

These property technology tools can be used to set up a connected community. They help property managers improve communications, productivity, and operational efficiency. In addition, property managers can use these tools to connect with residents on a deeper level, create social interaction and foster a sense of community.

Stay tuned for the last part of this guide on Transitioning to Connected Communities to understand the sustainability aspect of smart communities and why automation is the way forward.

With the RealCube community management system, property managers can successfully create and nurture smart communities easily and efficiently. RealCube simplifies digital property management and enables you to manage the communities of tomorrow!

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