5 Ways To Delivering Exceptional Satisfaction To Your Clients

Oct 02, 2020
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Customer satisfaction has always been pivotal to any business. In today’s hypercompetitive world, adapting to ever evolving customer needs and satisfying them is the key to having your business prospering and gaining customer loyalty. Real Estate, property and community management business is no different. Whether it is a single unit or multi-units or huge communities, Tenants are the most important aspect of these businesses and keeping them content has a profound impact on their business success.

Having to manage various properties or communities and ensuring customer satisfaction could be a challenging task. Being inundated with service requests, administrative tasks, managing the maintenance team, staying on top of service charges or rent collection, maintaining property assets often places customer service in the back seat and results in displeased tenants.

Every property or community management professionals must understand that tenants can choose to spend anywhere else than your property, that sole aspect should be enticing enough to allocate customer service as your organization's top priority.

Understanding the needs and wishes of your tenants, recognizing the necessary amenities to transition your community to a desirable community, identifying the lack of features essential for enhancing the wellbeing of your property residents can help to attract and retain tenants. In this rapidly letting market, retention is highly crucial.

It is common for management to overlook this fact and rely on increasing profits through increasing rents or skimping on services. Adopting innovative & cloud-based rental properties management software to meet your needs of present and future will keep your business successful and competitive.

RealCube is a third-generation cloud-based property management software that encompasses all features necessary to seamlessly run property, community management operations and elevate tenant's satisfaction. From our vast experience in managing huge communities and properties, listing down a few key measures to take your customer satisfaction to the next level:

  • Stay connected with your tenants constantly: With the everchanging needs of today's consumers, giving them the option of being connected with all stakeholders of the property/ community at all times is a great factor to enhance their satisfaction. Companies that optimize communication sees a significant improvement in their performance. Abandoning traditional communication methods which are meticulous and ineffective instead of embracing online communication methods which can be accessed anywhere leads to efficient communication between owners, management, and fellow residents. With advanced communication features you can keep everyone informed, avail the benefits of real-time updates, ensure that tasks or service requests are never missed and facilitated without delays, alert all stakeholders with payment reminders, facilitate amenity or class booking, announcements on events, report violations and promote community spirit by encouraging engagement between fellow tenants.

  • Add a personalized touch: To stand out and offer outstanding customer happiness, management must have a special relationship with all tenants. Having a positive relationship and making your tenants feel special and valued always goes a long way for customer retention, your business reputation and word to word marketing. Apart from responding to their queries and concerns promptly, making efforts to sending them a personalized message on their special days, welcoming new tenants and greet them on your digital platform, sharing their reviews and feedback on your websites, sending monthly newsletters, organizing free wellness classes demonstrates your company ethics and your value for them.

  • Uplift retention with added value services: Attract and retain tenants by offering additional services than your property or community such as RealCube Estore. In today's busy world, everyone is inclined towards choices that offer convenience. Offer a USP by partnering with local businesses such as groceries, restaurants, pharmacies, bakeries, flower shops, cleaning services for tenants to order from the comforts of their home and gain loyalty points is an assured way to increase tenant satisfaction and retention. These services manifest your interest in tenant's wellbeing and enriched living experiences at your property.

  • Gain the power of modern advanced technologies: Majority of the customer complaints arise from delays in service or communication or facilitating requests. With many responsibilities to handle for community managers, administering various tasks and requests can be taxing and easily be overlooked. Implementing advanced tenancy management software will streamline entire operations by automating documentation, routine tasks, rent payments, maintenance requests allowing property management staff to focus on core areas and never miss a task or deadline boosting the staff productivity and increasing tenant satisfaction. Such technology will empower your tenants with a dedicated account for themselves to keep them informed of updates and events, store their documents, engage with the community residents and connect with all stakeholders, self- serve by paying rents online, accessing records of payment history, and statement of accounts, raising concerns or issues and much more will augment their gratification levels.

  • Constant Improvement: Conducting surveys, taking feedbacks and suggestions from tenants is the direct gateway to gaining insights into their needs, thoughts, and furnish a better satisfactory level. Gaining perspectives from people who spend the most amount of time on your property would give you the right picture to improve living experiences. Heeding to these feedbacks and taking required actions will ultimately increase your business bottom-line, enhance retention, portray you as an organization that cares for their customers and increases referral marketing.

In today's world of high customer demands and aggressive competition, ditching traditional approaches and investing in a comprehensive and intuitive software solution will help you seamlessly conquer all real estate, property and community management challenges, ensure a high return on your investment and guarantee utmost customer satisfaction. Instead of juggling with numerous tasks and systems, usage of one comprehensive solution such as RealCube for managing property, community, facilities department, finance, sales and leasing, and Estore can significantly save time and money, improve your business and tenant satisfaction.

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